Thursday, November 02, 2006

SNW in Orlando

On Tuesday I flew from Delaware to Kissimee,FL for the SNW show. It was a perfect flight down the east coast at 8000 feet. Yesterday, I went to the show and met with a lot of folks. I was amazed to meet so many people who read this blog. I had no idea. It was great meeting you all ! Mostly the SNW show is a vendor fest, and many of these vendors are suddenly very interested in working with Zerowait. I listened to some of their pitches and was astonished at the claims I heard. I don't know whether the coming election is having an effect on the storage business. But the politicians and the marketing guys seem to stretch the truth in the same proportions. One customer was listening to one of these pitches with me, and afterwards he said that the storage industry needs an organization like to validate some of these claims. Trust but Verify!

By the way, Jon Toigo's storage revolution meeting was outstanding. Good work Jon!

PS - Adaptec - Thanks for dinner, it was great, and I really enjoyed the discussions!

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Robert Pearson said...

FYI-RE: Trust but Verify!

I ran across this Web page for the OSDL Doubt SIG at:

This is their philosophy:


We want to trust system.
We do not want to believe in system.

What is DOUBT project?

DOUBT is project to create set of system invalidation checking programs.

DOUBT stands for
D oubt is
c O llection of
U ncertainty checking
B road range
T esting tools

I have been trying to apply these guidelines and philosophy to Storage.