Thursday, June 13, 2013

Storage for Video Surveillance is hot!

Last week I was in Phoenix and Tucson visiting some of our customers and trying to help them solve their storage issues. A subset of our customers has instituted video monitoring of their premises for a variety of reasons. Many of these folks start  by  pointing their cameras data at their NetApp Filers as a simple way of storing data, but as the data collection increases over time they find that using Filers as a video vault is expensive.

Over the last few months we have been working with an increasing number of clients to help them implement our SimplStor hardware as an affordable video vault solution. SimplStor provides an affordable solution for video archiving, and easily scales up as customer storage requirements grow. Therefore  our customers are migrating their secondary data from their Filers  to SimplStor, this allows their Filers to serve up VM’s and databases and  other priority jobs without forcing them to upgrade to the latest and most expensive NetApp equipment. 

As the economy continues to muddle through with a moribund 2% growth rate IT departments need to find ways to handle their data storage requirements on a tightening  budget. Zerowait has the expertise and experience to  help customers maintain their legacy NetApp equipment and also assist them in their data migrations of secondary storage  to lower cost mass storage solutions like SimplStor. 

In many organizations storage is growing but budgets are not. How are you going to provide your organization’s growing storage requirements without breaking your budget with equipment from the big OEM’s?  Zerowait has the answer.

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