Friday, January 29, 2010

Traveling through N. Carolina

This week I visited several clients in North Carolina. Although their budgets are tight they are still trying to manage their growing storage requirements. The companies I visited with are working with our company to help them manage more storage with less money. Most of the clients I was meeting were referred to our company through the years and have referred our company to their peers. Two of the clients I met with were customers at their old companies and as they moved to new positions they recommended us and eventually their new employers became our clients also.

That is the way it seems to work. Our company has earned a reputation for honesty and dependability, and we really care about providing our customers with the service and support they need. Times are hard in many of the IT departments I met with this week, and they really appreciate how Zerowait helps them stretch their storage networking budgets.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 - The Era of Austerity

Earlier this week I was visiting some of our clients in Canada. Each of the clients had a story to tell about how they were stretching their IT budgets and finding new ways to redeploy or use their older equipment. Rather than buying new, they have recognized that their older equipment is still High Availability although it has been superseded by the manufacturer. We have entered an era of austerity and the virtues of conservation of capital will become evident to the CFO's of many organizations over the next few years.

We are talking to customers who are redeploying older equipment in the USA and throughout the world as customers try to rationalize the features and values they are receiving from their software and hardware vendors. It makes sense to maintain equipment and stretch out the service duty cycle the same way many people are keeping their cars longer than they used to.

In my opinion, it is the uncertainty of the future of business taxes and regulations which are causing a wave of cautious conservatism in IT budgets. Uncertainty has costs which are hard to quantify, but when reviewed make sense.

I am optimistic about 2010, because our customers recognize that we can help them thrive in the era of austerity.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Getting the small stuff right

One of the comments we hear a lot from field engineers is the difficulty of getting a 4 post rack mount kit that is adaptable to almost any configuration of 19" rack and doesn’t cost a small fortune. Our company has always focused on customer service, so we searched for a solution to this seemingly easy problem. We weren’t able to find one either, so last year we said "enough, we‘ll build it ourselves", and our rack kit – easily adjusted and priced right - is now available from our store.

This is just the first of a series of affordable products Zerowait is creating for our customers' storage and networking needs. Keep your eyes on Zerowait as we introduce new products and services designed to make Networking and Storage simple and affordable.