Saturday, May 15, 2010

Storage after the financial panic

During the EMC show in Boston several folks stopped by our booth to discuss business, and wanted to know my thoughts on how the year of 2010 was going to turn out. Some of the conversations lasted a couple of days when we had time between events with friends. I assured everyone that asked my opinion that I am not much of a forecaster, but I was willing to discuss the trends that our business is experiencing.

Our NetApp support business is strong and it is growing, our new customers tell us that they are looking to extend the life of their hardware, and add storage to their existing systems. Zerowait has a great reputation for reliable and affordable service and support and so they are comfortable relying on us while they consider their primary storage options. For customers migrating toward EMC equipment we help them with parts replacement while they migrate and then we can purchase their equipment when they have completed their migration. Our solution helps managers struggling with tightened budgets solve their capacity requirements.

According to Gene Sperling in the Wall Street Journal -page B6 5/13/10 " The squeeze on small business credit " has been and remains a serious economic challenge""

Andrew Schwedel and Karen Harris wrote on page A17 5/14/10 " For managers, the end of the easy-money era means a fundamental rethinking of how to finance investment.funding projects from internal cash flow will be more reliable but may constrain growth and will certainly favor businesses with ample cash and strong balance sheets."

These statements confirm my understanding of why our third party support business is growing. Many customers can't get credit to purchase new equipment. Because of this situation storage managers are rationally choosing to extend the life of their current assets while supporting them out of their operational budgets. As Schwedel and Harris say later in their article "Companies must also figure out how to keep driving down costs".

Maintaining and optimizing already owned storage assets is an easy way to reduce a company's IT costs while still maintaining the high availability storage they require. At EMC world it seemed that everyone agreed that business has gotten harder in the last couple of years, and it may be quite a while before storage budgets increase substantially.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Zerowait at EMC World!

Greetings from EMC World 2010! Take a look at our flickr pictures of the show:

May 13- Wrap up.

EMC World 2010 was another great event put on by the folks at EMC. Linda Christensen does a great job. We caught up with a lot of our customers at the show and we met with a number of old friends also. Jon Toor is with now and their booth was busy for most of the show. Phil Van Ettan was also very busy at the booth. Additionally, we had a good conversation with Charles Wood at about their single name space solution. We also had a long and interesting conversation with Simon Robinson of the 451 Group. Robin Harris stopped by to get our view of the storage environment and we had a long conversation with him.

Having our rail kit on hand was a funny experience, some folks looked at us like we were crazy, others couldn't grab the brochure fast enough.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Another international installation

Here are some shots from another satisfied customer. iWeb in Canada recently purchased some off lease systems and storage, and sent us the following pictures:

We're off to a great start this year as more customers recognize the cost savings Zerowait can provide. Give us a call today and we'll help you fit your increased requirements into your reduced budget. It's not magic - but it feels like it.