Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Zerowait UK

Zerowait Supports NetApp Infrastructure in United Kingdom

Zerowait Corporation, a data-storage service company, boasts an international reputation for providing NetApp customers with an affordable solution for maintaining their legacy high-availability storage hardware.

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Newark, DE (PRWEB) July 21, 2010

Over the last few years, Zerowait has worked with Imagination Technologies, located in Hertfordshire, UK, to provide affordable storage and support for its NetApp infrastructure.

“Zerowait has helped us reduce our storage costs substantially. Their engineering staff have always been honest and forthright and have provided us with excellent solutions for Imagination's demanding IT infrastructure," says John Metcalfe, COO of Imagination Technologies.

“We’re migrating to a mixed data-storage environment, and I look forward to Zerowait continuing to provide us with excellent service and support for our NetApp infrastructure,” adds Metcalfe.

“We enjoy working with Imagination whenever we can,” says Zerowait UK managing director Farat Buta. “Their engineering team always pushes the envelope, and Zerowait’s engineers like the creativity that their solutions require,” he says.

Zerowait provides affordable parts, service and support for customers throughout Europe and is anticipating an increased global demand for their third-party NetApp service and support business.

"Zerowait is continually investing in engineering, technology and operations,” says Zerowait chief executive Mike Linett. “We are focused on providing our customers the best service and support possible. Our goal is total customer satisfaction,” says Linett.

About Zerowait Corporation: Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware (USA), Zerowait is internationally recognized for honesty, integrity and expertise in third-party, high-availability NetApp data storage and support solutions. Zerowait's experience, knowledge and focus provide unparalleled service to its worldwide customer base. For more information, visit

For more info on our UK and European services contact Farat Buta - Manchester ,UK - 44 0 161 737 0303

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The effect of business uncertainty

Over the last few weeks I traveled across the USA visiting several clients of ours. Many of the clients told me how tight their budgets were and blamed it on the uncertainty facing their business sector. In particular the medical and natural resources customers I met with were very concerned about the next 12 months.

Over dinner in Dallas with several clients I heard how our customers are planning how to remain profitable when gross revenue is down 10% in 2011. Additionally, they expect the cost of medical insurance and taxes to increase by about 10% in 2011. These folks are planning to remain profitable in a dismal business environment and that takes a lot of creativity and out of the box thinking.

Our typical customer is increasing their usage of our independent NetApp service and support and increasing the life cycle of their NetApp storage equipment. They expect that will reduce their costs of storage and support by 30% next year. So, even if their budget declines they will be able to maintain their QoS.

Thomas Sowell seems to have also noticed the issue: (

When you hire somebody in this environment, you know what you have agreed to pay them and what additional costs there may be for their health insurance or other benefits. But you have no way of knowing what additional costs the politicians in Washington are going to impose, when they are constantly coming up with new bright ideas for imposing more mandates on business.

One of the little-noticed signs of what is going on has been the increase in the employment of temporary workers. Businesses have been increasingly meeting their need for labor by hiring temporary workers and working their existing employees overtime, instead of hiring new people.

Why? Because temporary workers usually don't get health insurance or other benefits, and working existing employees overtime doesn't add to the cost of their benefits.

Rational business executives are desperately looking for cost reductions as a business survival strategy, but they need to reduce costs without increasing risk. Zerowait’s products, services and support are viewed as part of a solution in an uncertain business environment thanks to our staff’s reputation for high availability service and support. Over the last couple of months requests from customers for our help in NetApp migrations and implementations has increased as companies hesitancy to hire full time engineers increases. Viewed in this light the increase in Zerowait’s business this year makes a lot of sense.

If your storage budget is getting squeezed, maybe it is time to call Zerowait .

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Zerowait in the News

Jul 07, 2010 – With an expanding international client base specializing in the Digital Effects industry, Zerowait provided Fuel VFX with a cost-effective storage solution that satisfied their timeframe and budget. “Zerowait engineers worked closely with Fuel VFX and together deployed equipment and personnel to successfully complete the project.” says Zerowait chief executive Mike Linett.

Established in 2000, Fuel VFX has worked on a number of blockbuster movies including Iron Man 2, Wolverine and Bedtime Stories. With an immediate need to add 20 terabytes of storage to their system and an increase in overall performance, Dylan Penhale, IT Manager, Fuel VFX contacted Zerowait to execute the install. “From the first meeting, through post installation, they didn’t miss a beat. Zerowait was prepared to meet our demanding schedule and even flew an engineer out to assist us.” added Penhale.

Zerowait’s Australian NetApp business has recently seen a strong upward trend in the configuration and deployment of complex NetApp storage systems. Zerowait's Exception Reporter enables Zerowait's customers to easily monitor their NetApp Filer performance and capacity, which helps them optimize their storage infrastructure. “Zerowait's Australian business is growing rapidly, and we are working toward establishing a service and support facility in the Sydney area similar to our European office in Manchester, UK." adds Linett.

"Zerowait was prepared to meet our demanding schedule. For us, there simply isn’t a better value way to get high-end filers onto our network. I certainly will recommend Zerowait to our peers in the Digital Effects industry.” says Penhale.

About Zerowait Corporation – Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, Zerowait is internationally recognized for honesty, integrity and expertise in third-party, high availability NetApp data storage and support solutions. Zerowait's experience, knowledge and focus provide an unparalleled service to their worldwide customer base. For more information, visit

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