Thursday, September 30, 2010

Data Growth doesn't have to take you broke

Since we announced our Simplstor Petabyte solution a lot of folks have been calling and emailing us to learn more about the product. While many of our competitors charge over $1,000,000 for their 1PB secondary and archive storage solutions, the SimplStor PB, including the single namespace switch is under $300,000.00 . Some customers have told us that with our 60 month financing Simplstor PB will cost less than some well known cloud storage providers have quoted them.

One analyst recently was quoted as saying "We estimate organizations will archive over 500,000PB of data in the next five years," said Brian Babineau, senior analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group. "

If you think SimplStor PB is worth investigating for your organization, please give us call and we can set up a webinar for your engineering staff.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Data Growth is a hot topic again

Over the weekend I read an article in Investors Business Daily which was talking about the growth of data. It was on Page A10 of the September 26th issue.

"Firms Ride Data Explosion
Posted 09/24/2010 05:31 PM ET
The amount of all digital data created last year, if put on DVDs and
stacked, would reach all the way to the moon and back.
The data would tally up to 800,000 petabytes, with each petabyte equal
to a million gigabytes, up 62% from the prior year. That's according to a
study by research firm IDC, with funding from storage giant EMC (EMC)."

"In the market for external disk storage systems made by vendors such as EMC and NetApp, global sales in the second quarter rose 20.4%
from a year earlier to $5 billion.
"That's very good growth," said Liz Conner, an analyst at research firm IDC. From 2005 to 2009, a typical quarter would show growth below
The Q2 growth was based on a weak sales period the year before, but the trend still looks good.
"Technology budgets are loosening up," Conner said. The ever-increasing growth in digital data will support demand for storage systems in
good times or bad.
"Everybody is keeping just about everything they create now," she said.
• Upside: With digital data reaching skyward and the move toward cloud computing and virtualization now getting strong, demand for storage
products and systems has held up even in difficult economic times."

Many firms that want to control storage acquisition and support costs are already customers of Zerowait.Our new SimplStor Petabyte is gaining a lot of attention from companies looking to control their costs as their archives grow. We will be introducing the product at booth 2513 during thee SEG show in Denver on October 17th.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Zerowait Opens Texas Office

Wilmington, DE (Vocus) September 15, 2010

Zerowait, the leader in independent NetApp sales and support, is opening a Dallas, TX office to provide local support for its NetApp and SimplStor Petabyte customers. Mark McCaa, a long time Zerowait customer in the Dallas area, will be the manager of the Texas office, according to Rob Robinson, Vice President of Sales. ‘Mark has been a reference customer of ours for many years and knows our products and services well. Add to that his many years of experience in IT support in the Texas area, and we have a great addition to the Zerowait team.’

When asked why they are expanding when so many companies are experiencing a downturn, Zerowait President Mike Linett replied: ‘Sometimes serendipity plays a part in business success. Our business has grown strongly this year as companies look for more cost effective IT solutions. When we looked at our Texas business, both the amount of NetApp Support and the strong interest in our SimplStor Petabyte solution, and found Mark McCaa was ready to join our team, it just made sense to open the office in Texas.’ Mark McCaa added: ‘During my 4.5 years working with Zerowait as a vendor, I learned that I could depend on their honesty and dependability in our most critical data infrastructure support issues. During that time we never received a DOA part, saw their engineers recover data we were sure was lost, and recognized tremendous savings on our NetApp support. And from meeting other current Zerowait customers, I found an enthusiasm for Zerowait support I have not experienced before in my 35+ year career in hardware computer services and sales. It was easy to make the decision to join the Zerowait team.’

Mark McCaa continued: ‘In these tough economic times, Zerowait’s affordable SimplStor Petabyte solution is a great fit for the local Oil and Gas industry. I’m looking forward to meeting new clients and bringing the message of Zerowait services and products so they too can experience what I have in working with this fine organization.’ In closing, Mr. McCaa said “I know from experience that Zerowait makes high availability storage and support affordable , from the smallest NetApp Filer to the SimplStor Petabyte archive. “

About Zerowait Corp: Headquartered in Wilmington, DE., Zerowait provides post warranty support for NetApp products around the world. SimplStor PB is the affordable single namespace solution to control the skyrocketing costs of data storage. Learn more at

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Storage users in the UK understand

I returned from a week in the UK where I was visiting customers. The response I got to our SimplStor product with its single name space storage switch was great. In Europe folks understand that they have to bend the cost curve of storage downward and it does not make sense to pay primary storage prices for secondary and tertiary storage assets.

That is why the storage load balancer makes so much sense. It allows you to automatically migrate data between nodes based on usage and behaviors that you determine are important. For example, highly used and accessed data can stay on high performance expensive OEM arrays and low access or archive data can migrate over to affordable arrays.

This study from a couple of years ago still resonates with our customers today:

During the three-month
period that the network was under scrutiny, more than 90 percent of the material on the servers was never accessed. The researchers captured packets encoded using the Common Internet File System protocol, which Microsoft Windows applications use to save data via a network. About 1.5T of data was transferred.

"Compared to the full amount of allocated storage on the file servers, this represents only 10 percent of data," Leung said. '[This] means that 90 percent of the data is untouched during this three-month period.'

Moreover, among the files that were opened, 65 percent were only opened once. And most of the rest were opened five or fewer times, though about a dozen files were open 100,000 times or more.

Give us a call or send us an email if you would like to set up a webinar on how SimplStor can save your organization a lot of money on your storage acquisitions and ongoing support costs.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Zerowait’s NetApp Support Helps Keep SNN6 Local News 6 on the Air

Wilmington, DE (Vocus) September 1, 2010

Providing television viewers with up to the minute news is a high availability, storage intensive operation. Many media companies around the world depend on NetApp Filers for the storage of video feeds and other files required for video production and broadcasting. Sarasota’s SNN Local News 6, one of the first all digital-disk based television stations, has depended on NetApp equipment since 2005. When they had a recent storage problem with their NetApp R200 they called Zerowait to fix the problems and to purchase an additional off lease NetApp FAS3020 Filer with transferable licenses.

Zerowait President Mike Linett says: ’SNN Local News 6 called in with a Filer down emergency and asked our engineering staff to help them get up and running again as soon as possible. Our engineers immediately got to work. We had to troubleshoot their issues and overnight them parts, and we quickly got them on air again’. Craig Burdick, SNN Local News 6 operations manager said “As soon as we started talking to the engineers at Zerowait I knew we were in good hands.” Burdick continued, ”Zerowait solved our emergency, streamlined our storage, and improved our overall storage and back up methodology.”

The storage upgrade will allow SNN6 to provide their viewers with the outstanding local and live news their viewers have grown to expect. “We appreciate the excellent work the Zerowait staff provided SNN Local News 6, including immediate follow through and creative, resourceful attention to our priorities.” Said Linda DesMarais, SNN6 EVP and General Manager. Zerowait provides hundreds of clients around the world with 24/7 post warranty service and support using their ZHA Exception Reporter monitoring program. Mike Linett concludes: ’Zerowait has built its reputation by providing high availability post warranty service and support for NetApp Filers around the world for over 10 years. It is a pleasure to add SNN6 to our family of satisfied customers.’

About Zerowait Corp. Headquartered in Wilmington, DE USA; is the worldwide leader in independent service and support of NetApp filers. Storage administrators throughout the world rely on Zerowait to provide affordable solutions to their skyrocketing costs of data storage.

About SNN Local News 6. Launched in 1995 as a unit of the Sarasota Herald Tribune and the New York Times Regional Newspaper Group, SNN Local News 6 was purchased by a group of local investors in 2009. The 24-hour local news channel serves more than 200,000 Comcast cable subscribers in Sarasota, Charlotte, Manatee and DeSoto Counties.