Thursday, December 23, 2010

Smooth Sailing

Smooth sailing 2010

At Zerowait we understand that customer and employee satisfaction are the keys to long term growth. Our aim when we started the company was to create an atmosphere that encouraged employee and customer loyalty, relying on the recommendations and referrals of our customers and business partners to facilitate our growth in a business that demands a sterling reputation.

Our customers and business partners know that they have a personal relationship with Zerowait’s staff, often telling us that it is the relationships they have with our employees that makes their jobs easier. We recognize that there are lots of competitors for our products and services, so we have built our business plan on truly partnering with our customers. Building trust relationships takes time, as partners must invest in their relationship to get the most out of it. Our multi faceted service business would not be successful if it was built on the economics of individual transactions. We recognize that our business growth is attributable to the time we devote to making our business personal.

Thanks to the loyalty of our customers and employees, we continue to grow, with 2010 our best year ever. To enable us to provide better service in Australia/Asia, we will be opening our Sydney, Australia office in 2011. Our Australian business has grown completely on the recommendations and referrals of our customers, and as we continue to expand our Australian/Asian presence we will continue to focus on relationship building to make certain our new customers, wherever they are located, recognize they are part of the Zerowait family.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mixed messages

Over the last week there have been some interesting articles on NetApp in the press. What drew my attention was the conflicting views in the articles. While the financial press seems to think there is a lot of growth potential in the company, the trade press has noticed that there seems to be a problem with the company's selection of acquisition targets.

"NetApp can benefit in multiple ways from demand for cloud services:

(1) Higher storage market share

NetApp has been helping companies evolve to a private cloud infrastructure since before the term cloud became popularized. NetApp private cloud solutions are based on its industry-leading data and storage management technology.

We believe NetApp’s share in storage market will rise as firms adopting Cloud Computing will increasingly turn towards NetApp, one of the pioneers of the industry with proven products and expertise, in order to effect a massive change in their IT infrastructure that will help them remain competitive.

(2) Higher software licenses and demand for consulting services

In addition to witnessing increasing hardware sales, NetApp will see a surge in software license and maintenance as well as support and consulting services revenues, which are dependant on hardware sales, given the newness of the technology provided.

We estimate there could be a upside of 20% upside to the Trefis price estimate for NetApp’s if its share in the storage market increases to 16% by 2017 as against our current estimate of 13%."

On the other hand we have this from Network Computing.

"The end of Decru's market life is also a commentary on NetApp's ability to manage acquisitions. The truth is, some organizations are better at acquiring technologies and making them their own than others. Cisco's leading position in the Ethernet switching business came through the acquisition of switch pioneer Kalpana, (along with a few competitors), and while most storage guys think of Clariion as a pure EMC product, it was initially developed down the road at Data General.

NetApp, on the other hand, has not managed to turn an acquisition into a successful product line. They've had what can, at best, be called modest success with Onaro's SANscreen SAN management tools and the NearStore VTL product line derived from Alacritus's technology. Topio's continuous data protection for heterogeneous environments became NetApp's ReplicatorX before the folks in the corner office decided to rename it, yet again, and kill it off. "

Zerowait's service and support business for NetApp legacy equipment continues to grow strongly as NetApp's customers seek an affordable. and reliable way to extend the lifespan of their primary storage hardware. Additionally, in 2010 our SimplStor product line gained a foothold in more data centers, as storage customers embrace the concept of commodity hardware with enterprise level high availability service and support for their secondary and archival storage. Our international customer base recognizes that Zerowait concentrates on what we do best - providing outstanding service and support.

Friday, December 10, 2010

DC customers

I spent yesterday visiting customers in DC and Northern Virginia , and then went up to Baltimore to have dinner with another customer and friend. Our customers recognize that paying primary storage support prices for secondary and tertiary storage requirements is kind of crazy. Savvy customers also understand that upgrading secondary storage just because your OEM is upgrading their product line does not make financial sense. With budgets tight, our business continues to grow as customers look for a reliable , full service, enterprise storage support solution.

NewPush Selects Zerowait’s SimplStor Storage Controllers and Arrays for New, Low Cost, Off-Site and Disaster Recovery Storage Offering

Offers Private, Managed Storage for Less Than Public Cloud Pricing

Denver, CO (Vocus/PRWEB) December 09, 2010

NewPush announced today a new, low-cost, managed remote storage program ideal for those requiring over 100TB of storage. Balazs Nagy, Chief Architect at NewPush stated "Starting at only $75 per terabyte (TB) per month, this program includes all expenses - space, power, cooling, firewall, and bandwidth with 1 terabyte of transfer for each terabyte of storage. Zerowait SimplStor storage controllers and Arrays offer both low cost and high reliability - key requirements for our new program. Our larger customers have been looking for a cost effective alternative to public cloud storage. SimplStor allows us to provide private managed storage at prices that beat the public cloud offerings. And having worked with Zerowait for years for support of our NetApp products, we know we can depend on their high availability service to provide the uptime our clients demand. Because SimplStor is built on open technology, we can customize the SimplStor storage controllers with the right software tailored to specifically satisfy the most demanding customer needs."

Mike Linett, President of Zerowait added: "We're excited to be part of this new offering from NewPush. We've been working with them for a number of years, providing NetApp systems, architecture and support to help the growing NewPush SAN infrastructure. When NewPush moved into their new data center in Denver, they came to us with requirements for a new high capacity offering. We showed them how SimplStor met these requirements for reliability, density, and low cost of operation, allowing NewPush to offer the pricing needed to compete in this segment. We’re excited that we now have a partner we can refer our clients to when they would prefer to have storage as a utility expense, rather than a capital outlay."

This new offering is scalable from 100TB to over 1PB, and offers the security of private storage vs. a public storage cloud. NewPush also offers remote management for clients that prefer, or need, to keep their data in house in addition to off-site storage starting at 1 TB. Zerowait, in addition to the SimplStor product line, offers NetApp hardware, systems with transferable licenses and post warranty support. Please contact the respective companies for further information.

About NewPush:
NewPush is a global Application and Data Warehouse Hosting Company with customers spread across three continents. Leveraging purpose-built infrastructure, NewPush delivers government organizations, public companies, and medium size businesses a comprehensive suite of solutions. Our engineers solve demanding customers’ requirements that are beyond the scope of traditional hosting providers. As a Zerowait and an IBM Business Partner, NewPush affords its customers technologies that enable faster time to market, increased performance, better value, and reliability.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Another great week in Dallas

This week we visited quite a few of our NetApp support customers in the Dallas,TX area and we also discussed our SimplStor archive solution with them. It seems that a lot of folks understand that the expensive secret sauce that the big iron array folks are selling are a bit pricey for secondary storage architectures.

It was a great week in Dallas.