Monday, January 31, 2011

Zerowait Videos

Over the years many of our customers, prospects and other folks in the NetApp user community have called us to ask how to replace components on their legacy systems. And while talking people through the parts replacement is all that is generally needed, we felt that we might be able to help folks even more with simple step by step videos. Over the next few months we will be trying to put up videos that are easy to understand and cover the most common areas of supporting NetApp legacy Filers. If you have any suggestions about a video topic you would like to see covered please contact us and tell us what you would like covered.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Zerowait PTY is open for business in Australasia!

Zerowait Opens Sydney, Australasia Office -- Expands Independent NetApp Sales and Support Operations to Australasia

Offers Cost Effective Alternative to OEM Products and Services

Sydney, Australia (Vocus/PRWEB) January 25, 2011

Zerowait today announced the opening of their Sydney, Australia office and depot. Laurence Jones, the new Australian Managing Director, is focused on providing Australian NetApp customers with cost effective alternatives to NetApp solutions, from complete off -lease transferable license systems to next business day support for out of warranty systems.

“In today's cost conscious economy, many customers are looking to extend the life and ROI of their NetApp systems,” says Mr. Jones. “Zerowait's extensive inventory and deep product knowledge allow customers to extend the life of their systems well beyond what NetApp advises, deferring expensive storage purchases. In many cases, older units can be re-provisioned for secondary applications, DR solutions or archival applications, significantly extending the ROI on these units.”

Rob Robinson, Vice President of Sales, said, “Many of our customers now take advantage of our off lease units with transferable licenses when they are provisioning new applications. We can often provide a recent, high end system for less than half the cost of a new system, while offering better performance and larger expansion capabilities. When it comes time to expand, our shelves and drives are often as much as 75% less than the cost of new storage. And while we hope that clients will select Zerowait as their support partner, all of our off lease units are eligible for NetApp support.”

“With the addition of our SimplStor product line, we can now provide complete storage solutions for our clients, from front line to archive,” added Mike Linett, President of Zerowait. “SimplStor offers easily extensible, single name space disk archive storage for less than the cost of tape. Combined with our off lease NetApp systems and enterprise class support, we can now offer Australian customers the cost savings that have built our business in the US and Europe. Zerowait can now offer local service around the world.”

About Zerowait: Headquartered in Wilmington, DE USA; Zerowait is the worldwide leader in independent service and support of NetApp filers. Zerowait solutions include off-lease fully licensed NetApp systems and the new SimplStor line of single name space archive storage. Storage administrators throughout the world rely on Zerowait to provide affordable solutions to the skyrocketing costs of data storage.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Zerowait at Oracle User Group Meeting

A large percentage of our NetApp Service and Support customers are running Oracle applications on their NetApp storage that we support. A few of our customers will be at the RMOUG meeting in the Colorado Convention Center February 15-17 and so we decided to join them at the show and set up our display.

Our customers know that Oracle uses a lot of storage, and by using Zerowait for their service, support. and upgrades they can save a lot of money over purchasing hardware and support from the OEM.

We look forward to seeing our customers and friends at the RMOUG conference.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NetApp 2000 series support

Long time NetApp customers will recall that the FC7, Fc8 and Fc9 shelves came from a company called Eurologic. When NetApp switched to Xyratex for storage shelves it caused a decline in sales for Eurologic from which they never recovered. We still provide support for many of these Eurologic storage shelves to our customers around the world. The Eurologic equipment was well built and even though they are getting old, some clients still have them running and we are still supporting them with our Next Business Day (NBD) hardware support and spares.

It was announced recently that NetApp and Dot Hill have parted ways.

"For the first quarter of fiscal 2011, the company anticipates a decline in net revenues due to seasonal factors and the termination of the relationship with NetApp and currently projects non-GAAP earnings per share to be at or around a break-even level. The analysts are projecting a loss of $0.04 per share for the first quarter."

Whether or not NetApp is planning to continue support for these Filers you can be certain that Zerowait will provide support for 2000 series users that require parts, service and support for many years to come.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Zerowait's Texas office

Last week I was working out of our Dallas, Texas office

Zerowait Corporation
12200 Ford Rd, Suite 278
Dallas, TX 75234

Phone: 972-576-1048

We had a great week meeting with our clients in the area, and we are looking forward to welcoming many more to our family of satisfied customers in Texas.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Visit to customers in Canada

Over the last few days I went to Canada to visit some customers of ours that have data centers around the world which we provide our independent NetApp service and support for. It was a great visit and they expect to be adding a lot of capacity in their Canadian and US data centers over the next year. In our meetings we discussed issues of storage density and price / performance ratios and how this will effect their storage tiering strategy over the next couple of years. These NetApp users can't cost justify NetApp storage for their archival and tertiary storage needs any more. A big problem in archiving for them is that they have hundreds of volumes on their Filers. Our SimplStor, with its single namespace, would provide them with several advantages and reduce their costs of archival storage dramatically.

Zerowait's SimplStor solution which can put a Petabyte in one rack, with a single namespace, makes a lot of sense for this customer's application which needs reliability, high density, and low acquisition cost.

Looks like 2011 will be another interesting year.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Zerowait 2011 - Local service around the world

During 2010 Zerowait grew substantially thanks to our customers and their recommendations and referrals. In the next few weeks Zerowait is opening our office in Sydney, Australia to service our customers there.

Our business in the European Union has been growing strongly as folks look for more value and legacy service and support of their legacy NetApp equipment. London has been a fast growing market for us and we expect more growth in 2011.

Our Dallas Texas office is expanding and our new office will be open next week to service and support our fast growing Texas service and support business as well as our SimplStor customers in the area.

Throughout the USA our independent NetApp Service and Support has grown, our SimplStor product has been establishing itself as companies seek out an affordable and reliable secondary storage platform. We expect to see strong growth in our SimplStor product line in the data centers where we provide NetApp support now.