Monday, May 30, 2011

Australia and New Zealand

As many of our customers know I have been traveling in Australia and New Zealand visiting our customers here. Interest in our SimplStor storage products is strong among the media, entertainment, insurance and financial industries of Australia and New Zealand. The media and entertainment business in particular is experiencing growing storage requirements due to the requirements of High Definition and 3D as is highlighted in this article:

* "Data storage is among the fastest growing industries in the world and the segment has witnessed unprecedented activity in terms of M&As over the past year."

* "In recent years the advent of social media and increased user activity on the web has led to rapid increase in digital content creation and sharing, sparking a tremendous rise in demand for data storage."

* "Large Sized 3D Videos and High Resolution Images to Drive Demand"

While storage growth is not as vigorous in the financial and insurance sectors as in the entertainment business, it is still strong for Zerowait due to the requirements for an affordable complementary archive storage solution like SimplStor.

SimplStor is based on our customers' design requirements for a reliable and affordable secondary storage and archival disk solution. Based on the enthusiastic responses we've received from the folks I have been meeting with, I believe we met our customers' requirements.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Cure for NetApp Headaches

Zerowait has been working with NetApp equipment since 1998, and over the years we have diagnosed three common causes for our customers’ headaches:

First - NetApp’s post warranty support is very expensive.

Second- NetApp uses expensive post warranty support to push hardware upgrades too soon – and they are also too expensive and hard to cost justify.

Third – NetApp’s autosupports are difficult to interpret and hard to explain to management.

Working with our clients we have developed treatments to cure these maladies:

First – To solve the headaches caused by out of control NetApp support costs, Zerowait’s customers rely on our ZPA support contracts that start at just $1500/yr. With 24/7 access to engineers, next business day hardware replacement and Exception Reporter monitoring autosupports, our customers tell us the only difference between Zerowait and NetApp is the price. For your mission critical systems, affordable on site spares kits are readily available and provide for immediate replacement of failed components.

Second – To relieve the pain of the migraine caused by NetApp’s prices for storage expansions and upgrades, Zerowait can provide plug and play storage shelves and off lease transferable licensed equipment that is eligible for NetApp support or Zerowait’s affordable alternatives.

Third - Zerowait’s Exception Reporter provides an easy to understand dashboard of capacity and performance that even management can understand! Additionally, Exception Reporter includes a searchable knowledgebase of issues and answers that has been developed over years of working with filers.

For a limited time Zerowait is offering our weekly Exception Reporter for free to the NetApp community. This handy tool will help you diagnose and maintain your high availability storage. Please click on this link to sign up for this great stress reduction tool and reduce your management headaches.

We understand that there are common problems and unique issues which Storage Administrators face on a daily basis. If you would like our help in diagnosing your Filers issues please give us a call at any of our international offices to discuss your problems with one of our technical experts.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Enterprise storage that keeps the bean counters smiling!

Over the years since we started selling NetApp equipment in 1998 we learned that the Sys Admins and the Network Admins loved their NetApp equipment. The problem for many of the storage folks was that purchasing new NetApp equipment required justifications and often a large capital expenditure which was hard to acquire from management. Additionally, within a few years of acquisition they faced a forced upgrade or high annual support costs for their NetApp legacy equipment. Both options create difficult choices for many Storage Administrators, most of whom don't enjoy writing budget proposals or costs justification.

In 2002, we answered many of our customers questions and concerns about the high cost of Legacy NetaApp support when we introduced our independent enterprise level service and support for NetApp equipment at a very reasonable price point. Yearly service contracts start at just $1500.00/yr USD. Since 2002, our business has grown into an international business supporting filers all over the world from our offices in the USA, UK and Australia mostly by word of mouth references and referrals.

In 2008 we began to hear from our customers that they needed an enterprise archive solution that was affordable, reliable, easily scalable, and built to last for the long term without the 2 to 3 year forced upgrade that NetApp seems to favor. Working with our customers through 2009 we designed a storage solution that could provide them a PetaByte of storage that would help keep their bean counters smiling in the back offices.

We began selling our SimplStor in 2010 and we are introducing our newest release of the product in June. And just like last year's version, we have customers who have ordered the product for delivery already and we have our first installation scheduled for early June with an international client.

For 2011, we increased our SimplStor density and performance, and upgraded the File System while keeping our price point low and easy to understand. The base head includes 68TB of storage and lists for $20,000.00 USD, and if you want to add our 90TB shelves the list price is $20,000. SimplStor is simple to install, simple to expand, includes one year of parts replacement and meets the price point that our customers requested.

Our customers depend on their NetApp equipment, and with Zerowait support they can continue to use it for their primary storage. With SimplStor our customers now have a complimentary option for their NetApp primary storage when they need an affordable archive solution for their secodary and tertiary storage requirements.

In addition, when our customers add a F5 ARX switch, they can easily implement a seamless storage tiering and single namespace strategy.

If you are looking for an affordable, reliable and scalable enterprise storage solution, Zerowait has the answer.